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I would not mind sharing a flat with someone like Linda. I love everything about her.
I did not like the way it all ended i was hoping they would both end up happy with the men of their dreams.

still hoping for a 4th series.
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how did it end?

will there be another series?
There will sadly be no more Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
I dont know why it was stopped for, it had a huge following.
The last series (series 3) ended with Tom getting an acting job in the north on Crossroads as a bell boy, and linda stayed at home sad suching her thumb laying on her bed with her wig on the dressing table (I was so shocked when I saw that her hair was actully a hair piece)
But I'm still hopping for a come back even if it means different people or charactors , it could work?
omg noooooooooooooo! It's finished? that's it? no more? aslkhf
I hope your jk =/